At Home with Jacques Imos
The food at Jacques Imos is delectable with a large variety of New Orleans style dishes on the menu. Before ordering, you're served the house specialties, hot, buttery corn muffins that melt in your mouth and the "Salad Jacques Imos" which consists of spinach leaf and vinegar sauce garnished with a fried oyster, just to get you started. The wine list is so generous that you're guaranteed to find your favorite dinner wine. What compliments this place even more is the friendly, down to earth staff. My waiter served with such ease and comfort that he made me feel just as welcome as the atmosphere did. The most amazing part of all was watching as the chef walk around in his chef's jacket and "shorts" while mingling with the guests. This comfortable attire seems to be his trademark because all the pictures on the wall feature him in similar attire. It was great witnessing the familiarity and closeness of the people here but isn't that what southern folks are known for-their wonderful hospitality and social grace? If this southern stereotype is not seen everywhere in New Orleans, it certainly is witnessed here at Jacques Imos. As I walked back through the kitchen to exit, I stopped to thank the cooks for such a delicious meal, chatted again with the head chef, and left with a feeling of fullness that not only came from the good food but from the good company.

New Orleans, as everyone knows, is famous for its delicious Creole and Cajun food. So where do you go to get the best food in New Orleans? Well, you don't have to necessarily get it in the French Quarter to enjoy that famous New Orleans flavor. Many restaurants and cafés around town offer the same famous Cajun eating experience as the French Quarter does- nice, intimate places where you can enjoy Cajun food without sacrificing your experience of New Orleans culture. Jacques Imos, located in uptown New Orleans at 8324 Oak Street, is a great place to experience both New Orleans culture and food. From the outside this place reminds you of the typical old New Orleans architecture. It's made on the order of the shotgun houses that fill New Orleans' neighborhoods. On the inside it's just as home-like with a relaxed and not so formal wait staff to make you feel welcome. Your mood quickly adjusts to this laid-back atmosphere, allowing you to fully enjoy all that this cafe` has to offer. Simply put, this place makes you feel like you're at home, inside and out.